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Postby Direblade » March 10th, 2008, 11:18 am

Sen Edward "I kill women by driving into lakes drunk with them" Kennedy had this to say about the Presidents Veto of a ban on waterboarding.......

"Unless Congress overrides the veto, it will go down in history as a flagrant insult to the rule of law and a serious stain on the good name of America in the eyes of the world." — Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

If the good Senator will recall, UNDER LAW, the President has the right to veto any damn act congress passes that he chooses to veto. Yet another blatant attempt by booze soaked liberal killers to make anyone who actually wants to be TOUGH on terrorists look bad.
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Postby Wenceslas » March 10th, 2008, 1:44 pm

It's all political posturing.
But it easy to see that the Left's extreme hatred of anything that Bush touches translates to their hatred of anything American.

The Left, the nutroot left, the moonbats, all WANT American to fail and flame out. They are truly out to destroy whatever they can in the name of liberalism tp prove they are correct.

Pyrrhic Victory seems like the only thing they understand.
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