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Postby Pulgrey » July 26th, 2007, 9:49 pm

as some of you might recall , my old guild moved on to EQ2 when it came live ( I am on inactive status with them , since I stayed behind, heh )

The New Outriders ( NOR ) originally formed on The Shadows of Yserbiusgame back in 1992. Someone was feeling nostalgic and looked up the game on Wikipedia , where they found reference to NOR and other oldtime but still active guilds like KAAOS ( Killing As An Organized Sport )

I joined up with them around '96 in the AOL game called NeverWinter Nights ( NWN ) which , as the picture in that link shows , was damn pisspoor graphics with all of 4 sounds. AOL eventually shut down the game shortly after going to a flat rate. The guilds that formed in NWN even banded together to try to buy and rehost the game , but AOL refused to sell for some time. Eventually they did sell the rights to the name , and now the old NWN has been remadein the new NWN

anyways , thought it might be amusing for anyone else who came from yserbius or NWN to see the links =)
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