where the heck is Pug?!?

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where the heck is Pug?!?

Postby Pulgrey » October 19th, 2008, 6:23 pm

sorry to be gonew for so long , my cable ISP Comcast has been a royal PITA. Told em this is the last time , if they dont fix it this time , I am going back to DSL. It might have been a touch slower , but it was a solid connection , and didn bother 5 PC's streaming videos so I dont see why I really need faster =P

Working through getting the sale of my house finished one way or the other and some acounts caught up before getting SWBell onthe phone , so might be a few more weeks before I am fully back in EQ. Accounts will stay active though so feel free to use and abuse my toons =)

In the meantime I have been playing http://combatarms.net , a free first person shooter game. me and the kids beenhaving funwith it till me celeron's MB finally died a few days ago.

Somedays it dawns on me... if it weren't for bad luck.. I wouldn't have any at all!! =-P
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