Requirements for Membership

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Requirements for Membership

Postby karadin » January 12th, 2005, 11:46 pm

Noble Blade is a PST-based guild that raids 4 nights a week, from 6-10 pm Pacific Time. We are a family/raiding guild currently doing Demiplane, Anguish, some TSS mobs, and working on on Demiplane fights and PoR progression.

Our focus for new members is on character and how well you mesh with the guild. It is more important to us that you are a good, helpful person who wants to see the whole guild succeed than it is what or how many AAs you have.

Our recruiting process is simple. You post here, with the provided application form filled out as completely as possible. We will respond within 3 days whether or not you are accepted into recruiting. If you are, your application will be moved to our War Room where observations can be posted (good or bad) during your recruiting period. At the end of 4-6 weeks (depending on your raiding habits - the more you raid, the more people get to know you, the sooner we can vote on you), we post you for up for vote. You need an 80% approval rating to get in, not counting abstains.

Once you are accepted into the guild, you are a member, there is no provisional status.

Loot is awarded by Loot Council based on participation with the best interests of the guild in mind. We track attendance and loot awarded in a DKP-system, but we do not use a point structure per se. If loot is your major focus, I would recommend applying elsewhere, not that you won't see plenty of loot here, but we've found that people focused more on their own gain are better served by pure DKP systems. Looting order is guilded mains, recruits, then alts.

Level requirements:

Due to the content we raid, we have an absolute minimum level of 75. However, we recommend that you be as close to 80 as possible. Resists, both for and against you are better for a L 80 than a 75, as are hit points, statistic maximums, etc. There is no situation where being L 75 is better than L 80 for a raid's success.

Alternate Abilities:

Each class has certain very useful AAs that make a big difference in their contribution to a raid. We expect that you're a good enough player to know what those are, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask any other members of your class. We don't have any minimum number of points you must have, but obviously the more you have, the better off you are. I highly recommend having or obtaining 100+ before the end of your recruitment. This will cover some of the most basic abilities you'll need to stay alive and contribute in the places we adventure.

Age minimun:

You must be 18 years or older to apply to Noble Blade. Yes, some people mature faster than others, and immaturity isn't impossible over 18, but we've been bit by this one too many times to not have this rule.


The better the gear you have, the more you can contribute on raids. That said, your gear has no impact on your application process.

Class Caps:

We have no list of by class desireability as many guilds do. We care more about the harmony of the guild than we do making sure that only three paladins are allowed to be members at any one time. That said, there are certain classes that are more desireable and needed than others, and this fluctuates over time. Bottom line is to apply as a class you enjoy playing. We discourage main changing rather severely (unless someone wants to change to a cleric), and so you need to decide up front what class you like playing. (This section is mostly for those two and three account owners who are proficient and have access to many characters L 75+.)

Raid attendance:

There is no minimum raid attendance, and raids are not mandatory. That said, we are a heavy raiding guild. Our method of motivation is one of altruism and initiative. We assume that if you are joining us, it's because you want to be a part of the family, and you want to help us achieve our goals - a large part of which is raiding. If you don't want to raid 5-6 nights a week, we probably aren't for you. We do understand real life comes first, and so won't /guildremove you for failing to maintain a certain raid attendance percentage, but if you are online and we are raiding, you should be helping. If for some reason you can't, please let me know so that you aren't factored into the planning for the night's raids. (I.e. you've been online for a few hours and have to go to a night class or out with the in-laws, etc and won't be logging until 20-30 minutes after raids.)


Remember that Everquest is a team-based PvE game. The guild's success or failure during raids depends in large part on your working well with the other members of your class. While you may have differences of opinion on what is best for your class (be it AAs, raid role, group role, gear, etc), and we encourage your participation in board or guild discussions about these opinions - during raids, you need to listen to the raid leadership for what your role is, and work with other members of your class to make sure those roles and objectives are handled.

Guild hopping:

We hope that whoever applies to us is doing so out of a sincere desire to join our ranks. If you are considering us as a pit stop on the way to another guild simply because you want a place to toss your hat while you work up the needed AAs or keys to get into BotS, please, have the common decency to do so solo and then apply to them directly. If we find that you have an application open to another guild during your recruiting process with us, your application will be terminated. If you aren't sure what you want, we're fairly sure you aren't a good fit. To be clearer, this means that you cannot be a member of another guild and still be a member or recruit of Noble Blade.


If you are not Dreadspire flagged, you will need to complete your four DODH missions to become so before becomming a full member. If you are not Kod'Taz flagged, you should be working on finishing a Tipt run. Also, you will need your Anguish signets as we raid a lot there and you cannot get in without them. Vex Thal keys and PoP flags are not needed for application or membership.


Your aim at this point in EQ should be to get to 500+ with bard song. We know you may not have the gear for that now, but that will come in time. I mention it here, so you're cognizant of it, if you weren't already. The more AEs you resist, the better off the whole raid is.

Bottom line, we're looking for good, helpful people who know how to play their characters, want to raid, and get along well with others. Hope to see you soon.

Any recruiting questions can be addressed by Secily or Karadin.
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