Sample Application

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Sample Application

Postby karadin » January 12th, 2005, 11:47 pm

Character Name (Please have a Noble Blade forums account the same as your characters name)

Play Times: (Include time zone)

Previous server: (if applicable)

Guild History (Previous guilds you've been in and why you're no longer in them)

AA Total: Spent/Saved

General AA (Listed)

Archtype AA (Listed)

Class AA (Listed)

Special AA (Listed):

GoD Flags: (What flags you currently have)

Anguish Signets:

DoDH Flags:

PoR Flags:

Keys: (Currently have/In progress)

Magelo link

What do you feel you can bring to Noble Blade?

What do you expect from Noble Blade?

Personal Info:
Tells us a bit about yourself, including age.
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