Most improtant part of the Super Bowl

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Most improtant part of the Super Bowl

Postby Skyskipper IronCross » February 6th, 2006, 9:34 pm

btw, The name for the super bowl came from lamar hunt who saw his daughter playin with a super ball and lamar hunt owns the....


bow down bitches!

Anwyay check it

I thought this was the funniest fuckin one too althought doesnt make a lot of sense that he is "hiding" beer from hsi friends drinkin it but the guys next door are lootin the fridge everytime it shows up....

I do tend to put too much logic into a good joke and ruin it hehe it was hillarious though.

I couldnt beilve burger king wasted that much prodcution money on their stupid song and dance number.
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