It’s the Politics, Stupid

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It’s the Politics, Stupid

Postby Wenceslas » April 10th, 2008, 7:06 am

It’s the Politics, Stupid:

Comparing Labor Market Data in 1996 and 2008

Democrats on the Economy in 1996:

“Our economy is the healthiest it has been in three decades.” (President Bill Clinton, State of the Union Address, January 23, 1996)

Democrats on the Economy in 2008:

“The bottom line is that this administration is the owner of the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover." (Senator Charles Schumer, Press Release, March 7, 2008)
Key Labor Market Statistics in 1996 and 2008</td>
<td>March 1996</td><td>March 2008</td></tr>
<tr><td>1. U.S. Unemployment Rate </td>
<tr><td>2. Number of Long-Term Unemployed</td>
<td>1.33 million</td><td>1.28 million</td></tr>
<tr><td>3. Average Weeks Unemployed</td>
<td>17.3 weeks </td>
<td>16.2 weeks</td></tr>
<tr><td>4. Median Weeks Unemployed </td>
<td>8.3 weeks</td><td>8.1 weeks</td></tr>
<tr><td>5. Not in Labor Force because discouraged over job prospects</td>
<tr><td>6. Democrats calling for Extended Unemployment Benefits? </td>
<tr><td>7. President’s Party Affiliation</td>
<td> Democrat </td><td>Republican</td></tr>

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Postby Auricas » April 10th, 2008, 9:53 am

So what else is new?

This is the primary problem with American politics. It's driven by greed and the hunger for power, not the desire to serve the country. Until that changes (which it probably won't, short of a revolution) politicians in general will always act in their own interest. Then a paradox presents itself because a politican, even a benevolent one, must act in their own interest, to a point, to maintain their seat of power so that they can provide their service.

In other words, unless some sort of catastrohpic change occurs, things like this will never change.
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Postby Pressto » April 11th, 2008, 2:34 am

Remember the media does not report the news and fact, but pushes an agenda now that is extremely political and biased. There is a reason media organizations across the country are tanking now, because the Internet helped expose how extreme this has become now.
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